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Hello Students!!

Are you finding best online exam software with best and latest features and data security?

Our Kasotee Online Examination System Features new Technology, Using multi-factor authentication, the risk of student impersonation is eliminated, using secure browser lockdown technology; PCs of pupils are disinfected by blocking extra tabs, browsers, external ports, etc.

Go ahead with Kasotee Online Exam Software for your recruitment, assessment, selection, and certifications. Our system supports all your testing requirements. We have guaranteed most excellent features like speed examination with low cost.

You can upload objective & subjective paper with any language like Hindi and English and conduct exam.Kasotee have Best & Trusted Online Exam Software and we bring you the latest & most secure Online Exam, Quiz, and Assessment & Test Series Software.

Online Exam Software India design multi-format assessments for a perfect test of student's knowledge, aptitude, and reasoning skills. Our Specialized software that enables students to remotely access the exam through the internet is used to administer online tests.

We keep a check on students using automatic face capture and AI-based face monitoring, disable copy-pasting to put off aspirants from copying answers from the internet browsers.You can access it whenever, anywhere, and on any smart device with our interactive online exam system. It's very simple to use!

Best Online Exam Software Special features:

It is Secure & private

It is Easy to use Test settings

Easy and Simple software installations required

Get instant Score & Rank

Live Dashboard

Anytime-Anywhere testing

Accessibility to Remote Location

AI Based & Live Proctoring

Kasotee Online Exam makes it possible to plan exams, validate candidates, give examinations, and keep an eye on candidates online. By restricting access to only approved individuals, it guarantees data integrity. Learn the way all of our features and functionality are intelligently automated, making us the ideal online exam software and evaluation partner for colleges, institutes, and academies.

We have smart features like make possible the assessment of a large number of students, automatically assessing candidate responses, Reduce the time spent analyzing the test result information, Reduce bias-based evaluation and decision making.

Manage all aspects of applicant registration, seating arrangements, exam center selection, and payment integration from a single dashboard; we create online tests for entrance examinations or for your present students in a matter of minutes by using a variety of question styles. We send digital certificates to our pupils through email after automatically creating and managing them online.

Conduct and supervise exams from a distance using a web-based proctoring solution that simplifies and streamlines the process of observing candidates. Do you know? Our Software is simple to use and has a spontaneous UI and UX so that everyone in your organization can start using it right away. Our software is an Excellent, user-friendly, fast easy to use, and secure.

We have secure data to keep track of your data and make sure the confidentiality of your intellectual property is never misused, use data encryption and secure hosting. We are sure for Accuracy in online exam supervision will be essential for your organization. You can trust Kasotee Exam Software your data is secure here; we take seriously the protection of your data.

Do you want to see how you can perform online exams with our online exam software? You can visit our website Kasotee online exam software and get more details. A platform is completely integrated for conducting full-service online computer-based examinations, from candidate registration to result processing.

With years of knowledge of the assessment and examination sector, we have concentrated on providing our clients with examination and assessment services that are affordable, secure, and effective. We have worked together with some of the top corporations and educational institutions in India to establish our services.

One-stop service for taking examinations of all kinds, including final exams and monthly exams, and more sophisticated anti-cheating features like face recognition. Our Exam platform is secure and sophisticated and has a strong online LMS for teachers and students.

We are providing you the best range of Exam Software, Mock Test Software, Mcq Software, Test System, online Examination Software Service Provider and Online Examination System with effective & timely delivery. You can without problems take your exam on any device such as laptops, computers, and mobile phones on Android or iOS operating system software.

The enrolled applicants can take practise tests for any online exam, including JEE main, JEE advanced, NEET, banking, IAS, CA, CBSE, UPSC, IPS, SSC, and others. Students can take the tests via their tablet or mobile device whenever and wherever they want.

It gives students the freedom to design tests by subject or chapter and allows them to practice with various difficulty levels of the questions. This secured online testing platform is user-friendly. It offers immediate feedback and keeps track of your exam score history so you can keep tabs on how you're progressing.

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