Sentences Transformations ( वाक्य परिवर्तन)

जैसा कि हम सभी जानते है कि वाक्य परिवर्तन परीक्षा की दृष्टि से महत्वपूर्ण होते हैं। इसलिए आज हम वाक्यों को परिवर्तित करना सीखेंगे।

 1.  I did my work on time. (Change into negative)
     Ans:-  I did not do my work on time.

 2. Amit ate all the sweets. (Change into interrogative)
    Ans:-  Did Amit eat all the sweet ?

 3. He has taken tea. (Change into interrogative)
    Ans:-  Has he taken tea ?

 4. He did his work well. (Change into negative)
     Ans:- He did not do his work well.  

 5. They make beautiful toys for children. (Change into past indefinite tense)
     Ans:- They made beautiful toys for children.

 6. Sania played tennis. (Change into negative)
    Ans:- Sania did not play tennis. 

 7. They are selling their house. (Change into present perfect)
     Ans:- They have sold their house.

 8. She speaks the truth. (Change into negative)
    Ans:- She does not speak the truth. 

 9. She shut the door. (Change into negative)
    Ans:- She did not shut the door. 

 10. He has taken tea. (Change into interrogative)
    Ans:- Has he taken tea ?

11. She lived in Shivpuri. (Change into interrogative) 
   Ans:- Did she live in Shivpuri ?

 12. Rohan speaks English. (Change the sentence into negative) 
   Ans:- Rohan does not speak English.

 13. Anita cut her finger. (Change into negative)
    Ans:- Anita did not cut her finger.

 14. Children are playing in the park. (Change into present perfect tense)
   Ans:- Children have played in the park.

 15. Ankit played Hockey (Change into Present Indefinite Tense)
    Ans:-  Ankit plays Hockey

 16. He saw a snake. (Change into Past Perfect Tense)
    Ans:- He had seen a snake.

 17. Ramesh sells toys in the market. (Change into interrogative)
    Ans:- Did Ramesh sell toys in the market ?

 18. You have taken tea. (Change into interrogative)
    Ans:- Have you taken tea ?

 19. You went there yesterday. (Change into interrogative)
   Ans:- Did you go there yesterday ?

 20. My mother is cooking food. (Change into interrogative)
   Ans:- Is my mother cooking food ?


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