Membership Agreement

Please read the agreement below carefully before you become a member of our site.

1. Parties

a) News Factory, located at the address of S1, 38-A, Sachidanand Nagar, Bhopal - 462022, which carries out the activities of the website.

b) Internet user who is a member of the website ("Member")

2. Subject of the Contract

The subject of this Agreement is to determine the terms of use of the member from the website owned by News Factory.

3. Rights and Obligations of the Parties

3.1. The Member declares and undertakes that the personal and other information he/she provides while becoming a member of the News Factory website is correct before the law, and that News Factory will indemnify all damages incurred due to the untrueness of this information.

3.2. The member cannot give the password given to him by NewsFactory to other persons or organizations, the member's right to use the said password belongs to himself. For this reason, News Factory reserves the right to claim all kinds of compensation and other claims arising from such unauthorized use against all claims and demands that may be brought against News Factory by third parties or authorized authorities.

3.3. The member accepts and undertakes from the beginning to comply with the provisions of the legal regulations and not to violate them while using the News Factory website. Otherwise, all legal and penal obligations to arise will bind the member completely and exclusively.

3.4. The member may not use the News Factory website in any way, in a way that disrupts public order, violates public morals, disturbs and harass others, for an unlawful purpose, infringing on the intellectual and copyright rights of others. In addition, the member cannot engage in activities (spam, viruses, trojan horses, etc.) and transactions that prevent or make it difficult for others to use the services.

3.5. The ideas and thoughts declared, written and used by the members on the News Factory website are completely the personal views of the members and bind the owner of the opinion. These views and thoughts have no interest or connection with News Factory. News Factory has no responsibility for the damages that may be incurred by third parties due to the ideas and opinions expressed by the member, and for the damages that may be incurred by the member due to the ideas and opinions declared by the third parties.

3.6. News Factory will not be liable for unauthorized reading of member data and for damages to member software and data. The Member has agreed in advance not to claim compensation from News Factory for any damage he may incur due to the use of the News Factory website.

3.7. The member agrees not to access or use other internet users' software and data without permission. Otherwise, the legal and penal responsibilities arising from this will belong to the member.

3.8. The member who violates one or more of the articles listed in this membership agreement is personally liable criminally and legally for this violation and will keep News Factory free from the legal and penal consequences of these violations. Also; News Factory reserves the right to claim compensation against the member for non-compliance with the membership agreement, in case the event is referred to the legal field due to this violation.

3.9. News Factory always has the right to unilaterally delete the membership of the member and delete the files, documents and information of the customer when necessary. The member accepts this savings in advance. In this case, News Factory has no responsibility.

3.10. The software and design of the News Factory website are the property of News Factory, and the copyright and/or other intellectual property rights regarding them are protected by the relevant laws, and they cannot be used, acquired or changed by the member without permission. Other companies and their products mentioned on this website are trademarks of their owners and are also protected under intellectual property rights.

3.11. The name and Internet Protocol (IP) address of the Internet service provider used by News Factory to improve and develop the News Factory website and/or to access the site within the framework of legal legislation, the date and time of access to the site, the pages accessed while on the site and the Web site that provides direct connection to the site. Some information such as Internet address may be collected.

3.12. News Factory, when the member's personal information is requested as a legal obligation or (a) to act in accordance with legal requirements or to comply with legal proceedings notified; (b) News Factory and News Factory website may disclose when it believes in good faith that it is necessary to protect and defend the rights and property of the family.

3.13. Precautions have been taken to ensure that the News Factory website is free of viruses and similar software. In addition, in order to ensure ultimate security, the user must provide his own virus protection system and provide the necessary protection. In this context, by entering the News Factory website, the member is deemed to have accepted that he is responsible for all errors that may occur in his own software and operating systems and their direct or indirect consequences.

3.14. News Factory reserves the right to change the content of the site at any time, to change or terminate any service provided to users, or to delete the user information and data registered on the News Factory website.

3.15. News Factory can change, update or cancel the terms of the membership agreement at any time without the need for prior notice and/or warning in any form or form. Any provision changed, updated or repealed will be valid for all members on the date of publication.

3.16. The parties accept and declare that all computer records of News Factory will be taken as the sole and true exclusive evidence, in accordance with Article 287 of the HUMK, and that the said records constitute an evidence contract.

3.17. In accordance with this membership agreement, News Factory has the authority to send notification e-mails to its members' registered e-mail addresses and informing SMS's to their mobile phones. will be counted.

4. Termination of Contract

This agreement will remain in effect until the member cancels his membership or his membership is canceled by News Factory. News Factory may terminate the contract unilaterally by canceling the membership of the member in case the member violates any provision of the membership agreement.

5. Settlement of Disputes

Istanbul Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized in disputes related to this contract.

6. Enforcement

Membership registration means that the member has read all the articles in the membership agreement and accepted the articles in the membership agreement. This Agreement was concluded at the time of the member's membership and entered into force mutually.

7. Invalid clicks and impressions

Publishers may not click on ads or use any means to inflate impressions and/or clicks artificially, including manual methods. 

Clicks on ads must result from genuine user interest. Any method that artificially generated clicks or impressions on ads is strictly prohibited. These prohibited methods include, but are not limited to, repeated manual clicks or impressions, automated click and impression generating tools and the use of robots or deceptive software. Please note that clicking ads for any reason is prohibited.

8. Traffic sources

NewsFactory may not calculate paid views on pages receiving traffic from certain sources.


For example, publishers may not participate in paid-to-click programs, send unwanted emails or display ads as the result of the action of any software application. Also, publishers using online advertising must ensure that their pages comply with Landing Page Quality Guidelines.


To ensure a positive experience for Internet users and advertisers, sites displaying ads may not:

Use third-party services that generate clicks or impressions such as paid-to-click, paid-to-surf, autosurf and click-exchange programs.

Be promoted through unsolicited mass emails or unwanted advertisements on third-party websites.

Display ads, search boxes or search results as a result of the actions of software applications such as toolbars.

Be loaded by any software that can trigger pop-ups, redirect users to unwanted websites, modify browser settings or otherwise interfere with site navigation. It is your responsibility to ensure that no ad network or affiliate uses such methods to direct traffic to pages..

Receive traffic from online advertising unless the site complies with the spirit of Landing Page Quality Guidelines. For instance, users should easily be able to find what your ad promises.

9. Content restrictions

9.1. Sexual content

Is content that: contains nudity. is sexually gratifying, sexually suggestive and/or intended to cause sexual arousal.

Examples: Close-ups of breasts, buttocks, or crotches, sheer or see-through clothing, sexual body parts that are blurred, or censored images of men or women posing and/or undressing in a seductive manner discusses sexual fetishes.

Examples: Voyeurism, role-playing, bondage, dominance and submission, sadomasochism is about sexual entertainment.

Examples: Pornographic movie festivals, adult webcam services, strip clubs promotes sexual merchandise.

Examples: Sex toys, personal lubricants, genital enhancement tools facilitates affairs and/or sexual encounters.

Examples: Affair, swinger, hook up or fling dating provides advice regarding sexual performance.

Examples: Sex tips promotes sexual enhancement medications or supplements.

Examples: Erectile dysfunction pills, libido boosting supplements Learn more about sexual content

9.2. Shocking content

Is content that:

contains gruesome, graphic, or disgusting accounts or imagery.

Examples: Blood, guts, gore, sexual fluids, human or animal waste, crime scene or accident photos depicts acts of violence.

Examples: Accounts or images of shootings, explosions, or bombings; execution videos contains a significant amount of or prominently features obscene or profane language.

Examples: Swear or curse words, variations and misspellings of profane language Learn more about shocking content

9.3. Explosives

Is content that: promotes the sale of products that are designed to explode and could cause damage to nearby people or property.

Examples: Nail bombs, chemical bombs, grenades, firecrackers, or any fireworks that explode contains instructions about the assembly, enhancement or acquisition of explosive items.

Examples: Bomb-making guides; software or equipment intended for the 3D printing of parts of grenades, bombs, or other explosive devices Learn more about explosives

9.4. Guns, gun parts, and related products

Is content that: promotes the sale of firearms or sporting or recreational guns that can cause serious harm if misused, or that appear to be real guns.

Examples: Handguns, rifles, shotguns, hunting guns, functioning antique guns, airsoft guns, paintball guns, BB guns, 3D-printed guns promotes the sale of any firearm-related part, component or equipment whether finished or unfinished, that's essential to or enhances the functionality of a firearm.

Examples: Ammunition, ammunition clips, silencers, tripods and bipods for guns, stocks, conversion kits, gun-grips, scopes and sights, bump stocks contains instructions on the assembly or enhancement of the functionality of firearms. Learn more about guns, gun parts and related products

9.5. Other weapons

Is content that: promotes the sale of other weapons that are designed or promoted as products that can be used to injure an opponent in sport, self-defense, or combat.

Examples: Throwing stars, tasers, brass knuckles, pepper spray promotes the sale of knives designed to provide a confrontational advantage (including a disguised appearance or assisted-opening mechanism).

Examples: Switchblades, fighting knives, sword-canes, balisongs, military knives, push daggers, throwing axes contains instructions about the assembly, enhancement, or acquisition of any product covered under this "Other Weapons" section.  Learn more about other weapons

9.6. Tobacco

Is content that: promotes the sale of tobacco and tobacco-related products.

Examples: Cigarettes, cigars, tobacco pipes, rolling papers, chewing tobacco, e-cigarettes   Learn more about tobacco

9.7. Recreational drugs

Is content that: promotes substances that alter mental state for the purpose of recreation or otherwise induce "highs".

Examples: Cocaine, crystal meth, heroin, marijuana, cocaine substitutes, mephedrone, "legal highs" promotes products or services marketed as facilitating recreational drug use.

Examples: Pipes, bongs, cannabis coffee shops provides instructions on producing, purchasing, or using recreational drugs.

Examples: Forums to exchange tips or recommendations on drug use  Learn more about recreational drugs

9.8. Alcohol sale or misuse

Is content that: facilitates the online sale of alcoholic beverages. promotes irresponsible alcohol consumption.
Examples: Favorable portrayal of excessive, binge, or competition drinking Learn more about alcohol sale or misuse

9.9. Online gambling

Is content that:

enables users to participate in online, real-money gambling or any internet-based game where money or other items of value are paid or wagered in exchange for the opportunity to win real money or prizes based on the outcome of the game.
Examples: Online casinos or bookmakers, online lottery ticket or scratch card purchase, online sports betting, aggregator or affiliate sites that promote online gambling pages Learn more about online gambling

9.10. Prescription drugs

Is content that: promotes online sale of prescription medication.
Examples: Sale of prescription drugs, online pharmacies Learn more about prescription drugs

9.11. Unapproved pharmaceuticals and supplements

Is content that: promotes the sale of unapproved pharmaceuticals and supplements.
Examples: All items on this non-exhaustive list of unapproved pharmaceuticals and supplements; products that contain Ephedra; herbal and dietary supplements with active pharmaceutical or dangerous ingredients; products with names that are confusingly similar to an unapproved pharmaceutical, supplement, or controlled substance  Learn more about unapproved pharmaceuticals and supplements

9.12. App removed from Google Play Store

Is an app that: is removed from the Google Play Store for a violation of Google Play policies.

 Learn more about app removed from Google Play Store

Last edited: 11 Nov 2021